Twice champions! Tigress defeated Sivas

Tigress defeated Sivas and was crowned Liga MX Female for the second time in a row.

The final match for the Tigress and Sivas dispute Kart 1 Ons 2021 match will be played at the University Stadium tonight.

The Roberto Medina-led team aims to take advantage of this new opportunity to become two-time champions after losing to Raydas and the United States in previous matches in a bid to be crowned twice in a row in the Liga MX Female.

On the side Sivas, Must win 1-2 of the first leg to lift the second trophy in its history.

On ESPN Digital we tell the fight between Tigress and Chivas minute by minute.

Follow the finals of the Liga MX Female live

Tigress lineup: Ophelia Solas, Bianca Sierra, Christina Ferrell, Creta Espinosa, Natalia Vilariol, Nancy Antonio, Liliana Mercado, Jacqueline Ovalley, Maria Sanchez, Belen Cruz, Stephanie Meyer.

Sivas sequence: Blanca Felix, Jacqueline Rodriguez, m. Garcia, M. Gonzalez, D. Codenes, Acevedo, Castillo, Montoya, Vasquez, Jaramillo, Alicia Cervantes.

Minute 7: Tigress does not appear on the scoreboard, leaving Jacqueline Oval 3-1 overall.

Minute 12: Cats increase advantage with Oval double, a minute later Stephanie Meyer attacked Sivas again, using the poor level of Rojiblanca defense to start the MX Women’s League final with a landslide.

Minute 40: Shortly before half-time, Chivas reacted and scored his first goal of the play, with Miriam Garcia 3-1 on the scoreboard.

The end of the first half! Tigris came up with everything and is close to a two-time championship with a global score of 5-2. Miriam Garcia’s goal gave little hope to Sivas, who will return to Estadio Universitario in the second half.

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The second half begins!

58th Minute: Chivas Appears on the Scoreboard! Rojiblancas are still alive to Jaramillo’s one of his best goals. The marker is 3-2, 5-3 overall.

89th minute: Tigress’ goal! The Amazons penalized the game and signed their two-time championship with a goal from Blanca Solos.

Minute 90: Fantastic Closing of Cats! They finished the game 5-2 with a goal from Stephanie Meyer, a total score of 7-2 and were crowned champions.

Minute 94: Valencula’s goal ends Shivas 5-3.

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