Latinos gain space in public positions in the United States

Washington. The number of Latinos in public office in the United States has risen to a record in 2021, reported yesterday, January 12, the Educational Fund of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO).

According to the national directory of this association, the number of Latino elected officials has increased 3% since 2020, from 6,883 to 7,087.

Last year, the largest increase in Latino elected officials was recorded in California (+10.4%, from 1,660 to 1,833) and New York state (+ 10.7%, from 168 to 186), the list says, detailing their distribution geographic location, the position they hold and in some cases their political affiliation.

Most Latino officials hold positions at the municipal level (2,349) or on school boards (2,668).

In 2001 there were no Latinos in the US Senate and in 2021, six. Twenty years ago there were 39 states with Latino representation in any capacity, compared to 45 states 20 years later.

The number of Latinos in public office has declined proportionally in states traditionally considered centers of Hispanic population and increased in others with “emerging” Latino populations.

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