Competitive advantage debate reopens: Transgender swimmer Leah Thomas defeated by another in the process of transforming from female to male


12 ene 2022 21:11 GMT

The controversy, created by Thomas a few weeks ago, has been put back on the table with Isaac Henik, who publicly declared himself a transgender in the middle of last year, but has not yet been subjected to hormone therapy.

Leah Thomas, a transgender swimmer, has sparked controversy for breaking numerous records since she started competing in the women’s division, where she lost two matches. Isaac Henik, Swimmer in the process of changing from female to male.

The two athletes met last Saturday at the American National University Sports Association (NCAA) Ivy League Sports Conference in Philadelphia. Henning, who represents Thomas and Yale University at the University of Pennsylvania, met the women at 100 and 400 free yards, where the latter won. He also set a 50-yard record in the same category. Nevertheless, Leah had victories in the 200 and 500 free yards.

Henning, 20, publicly declared himself a transgender in the middle of last year and underwent surgery to confirm the best gender to modify the breast to achieve a masculine appearance. However, she delayed the start of her testosterone treatment in order to continue her participation in the Yale women’s team, allowing him to compete last weekend. Under NCAA regulations, hormone replacement therapy would have prevented him.

“Being a student athlete, coming out as a disabled person put me in a different position. I can start with hormones to further align myself, or wait, change, and continue to compete in the women’s swimming team. I decided second.” Interview June to The New York Times.

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Henning’s case has brought back to the table the debate over the competitive advantage of transgender athletes, which already broke the news last month, as many of Thomas’ records competed three years ago.

With the results of this recent competition, the parents of some swimmers reaffirmed their dissatisfaction with the participation of transgender athletes and issued a new call to the NCAA to take action. “A man has just crushed the women’s team,” one of them complained to the newspaper. Daily Mail.

The controversy, created by Thomas a few weeks ago, led to the creation of a petition for the parents’ group of some members of the women’s swimming team at the University of Pennsylvania. Change the rules Transgender women will be allowed to participate in the competition.

According to the British newspaper, several of Thomas’ teams considered boycotting Saturday’s event for their participation last week, but were labeled Transphobic and eliminated from the Ivy League Championship in February. Meanwhile, the University of Pennsylvania and the Ivy League met last Thursday They reaffirmed He publicly supported Thomas, noting that he had followed the NCAA guidelines and therefore “will continue to represent the women’s swimming team this season”.

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