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the next Sunday 16 at 8 pm. The cast will arrive at the “Del Borde” Theater.“Old Quince” (From the city of 25 de Mayo) with the famous comedy who am I?By Argentine writer Dalmiro Saenz. Felipe Azul De Methylene is facing trial because he kept change of 22 pesos and 40 cents. The zealous justice system decided to acquit him, considering the crime he committed laughable. The defense attorney will ask routine questions to complete the judicial process, and without seeking it, Felipe will confess to somewhat more complex crimes. The descent into the darkest crimes will allow us to meet a friendly character and an evil seducer. A series of questions revolve around the course of events: Who is Felipe? What are the historical, social, and psychological circumstances that shape a personality like the Methylene personality? And finally: how far are we from being like him? Staging, directed by Cesar Andres LucericaIt features performance Axel Dipito, Nazareno Alajón, Yamila DeMarco, Fernando Rebolloall members Old quince collectiondepend for Multi-space art courses From the town of 25 de Mayo, she has been working in theatrical productions for more than 7 years, and participates in festivals and programs in the region.

The work is intended for all audiences. Entry will cost $5,000 (at the door). Can be obtained in advance of $4,000 (payable up to one day before performance). At the end of the job, Las Flores Spectator School A deconstructive interview will be conducted with members of the creative team. Audience members in attendance will have the opportunity to stay and watch for free, if they wish.

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Booking on WhatsApp 2244475510.

Teatro Del Borde Space is supported by the National Theater Institute, the Regional Council of Independent Theater and the Municipality of Las Flores.

Networks: @delbordeteatro / @ciclosmultiespaciode

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