“El Puma” Rodriguez breaks down in tears on Top Chef VIP 3 as he talks about his closeness with these guys


Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez, known as “El Puma”, is characterized as a strong, tough and determined man who says what he thinks on his face. However, recently in an episode of Telemundo's reality show “Top Chef VIP 3”, the actor also showed his more serious side while talking about his loved ones.

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tears of love

The nostalgic moment began when the 81-year-old Creole served a dish he made referring to Central America, and one of the guests asked him about special people in his life and artistic career, in which he mentioned his secretary, Sara. And Marlene, who was accompanied by his wife Carolina, supported him when he received a kidney transplant in 2017.

“Sarah has been with us for over 20 years, she started as a subject and then outdid herself as our secretary. And Marlene was the one who stayed with my wife for four or five months. Thank you to God, to my wife, to them and to over a hundred people who made it possible for me to be with you,” said the shocked artist of the catchy “Pao Real”.

The artist's words stirred the emotion of his colleagues, who did not hesitate to express beautiful expressions of love to see him show a sensitive and modest side in the competition, in which he is trying to win a $ 200,000 cash prize.

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