Sergio Mayor Mori confirms that he participated in the Rebel “for work”

Recently, The Actor And singer Sergio Mayor Mori Claims to have participated in the series Rebel “For work”, after he announced that he did not really like the 2004 version.

Everything seems to refer to it Controversy Sergio Meyer Mori continues after the first scene of the “Rebelde” series.

Also, after admitting that “he hated RBD”, the young actor said he was grateful for the opportunity to star in its sequel. Netflix Regarding the youth series, he accepted the role only for money and to bring bread to his daughter Mila.

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I did not feel any sensation in the uniform. At first I was nervous, but with the help of my colleagues I started to gain confidence […] Premiere did not make me nervous, but rather the whole planet sees me in the way I act, ”he said during a promotional interview for the series.

As mentioned in “Who” magazine, Sergio, the son of Mexican actress Barbara Mori, revealed that she did not live up to expectations.

During my stay (at Rebelde), regardless of the name of the project, I felt very grateful that they gave me the opportunity, the important thing is that I have a job, and thanks to that I was able to pay for my daughter at school, I was able to give her dinner and everything I was looking for , ”Said the artist.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Barbara Mori’s son has spoken “disparagingly” about RBD.

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The actor used his social networks before admitting that RBD did not like him.

Lots of RBD listeners, I’m going to tell you one thing … yes, I project, yes, I’m in RBD, yes, I have to sing them because I have to sing them. By contract, but I hate RBD, that’s the truth. I do not like songs, I have never seen the ‘thing’ in it, ” he said.

As expected, before the controversy, his father Sergio Meyer defended him and revealed that his eldest son was learning.

We have already touched on that thing, and it is already in the past. He has already faced his responsibility, he is of legal age, he is learning, “he said.” Mistakes are common in this field. ” And virtuous people, ”the mayor said.

On the other hand, two days ago Netflix confirmed the second season of the successful series, however, we will have to wait and see if Sergio will continue to appear in it, because he will certainly get into some trouble with the comments. He did in the last few weeks.

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