La Hoya de Almeria is reborn as a “unique space in the world”

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the Mediterranean Gardens at La Hoya From today they become A Referrer More for Almeria residents and visitors to this city. a Unique heritage and ecological enclave, Of exceptional value, which tomorrow Saturday It will open its doors to the publiccompleted the comprehensive restoration carried out in this area.

Space of more than 42,000 square meters of surface, It is located directly in the historic centre, embraced by the impressive Giran Wall, the hills of the Kasbah and San Cristobal, which was inaugurated this afternoon by Mayor of Almeria Maria VázquezIn a simple act that activates him Metal band Okal.

The result of this intervention, which he designed Architects Vicente Manuel Morales Garofolo and Juan Antonio Sánchez Muñozresponsible for the study ‘Kawah Architecture and Landscape, And with investment 2.5 million eurosToday, it has become a “unique and one-of-a-kind” space, the mayor acknowledged, highlighting the result of the action that focused “on Sustainability, integration, accessibility and enhancement of La Hoya’s cultural and environmental heritage“.

Urban heritage and resources

Located Between La Casbah and San Cristobal As part of a unique historical and archaeological complex in Andalusia and Spain, the Mediterranean Gardens of La Hoya will be “from today Urban identity sign “This city is in addition to a heritage and an urban resource of the highest level,” he congratulated Vázquez after the discovery of the commemorative plaque for this inauguration, in which members of the municipal corporation and authorities participated, as well as the project authors, officials and representatives of companies in uti jarkel kopsa, Responsible for implementing this project.

The mayor wanted to highlight this measure “as part of Global project Reactivate cThe historic center of Almeria Which we are developing from the City Council in cooperation with the Andalusian Junta, to transform the axis of Plaza Vieja, San Cristóbal, La Hoya, La Alcazaba and Mision Gaetano into a journey of history and the future of Almería.

A goal to be achieved at the municipal level through this project “by modifying the urban fabric to harmoniously integrate the La Hoya Valley, strengthening the signs of our heritage identity and directing the landscape towards the absolute biodiversity of Almería and the Mediterranean. “In this way, we will achieve something that has not been possible,” Vázquez explained. One of his achievements so far: transforming a region full of weaknesses into a framework of urban, tourism, cultural and social strength.”

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From this day onwards, this Mediterranean park is “available” to all residents of Almeria to “walk, contemplate, rest, play, learn and enjoy”. Activities sEducational, recreational and cultural“, called the mayor, congratulating the company “Kauh Arquitectura y Paisajismo, SL”, “for designing such a wonderful space aimed at people’s enjoyment and understanding”, and UTE JARQUIL-COPSA for their work because “they helped transform a site steeped in history into something that will be Certainly part of the emotional memory of the people of Almeria in the future.

Opportunity space

“We always work to respect the heritage and archaeological value of this area, as well as heritage preservation Certificate of passage of all civilizations Having inhabited, ruled and cultivated the historic heart of our city for centuries, we have been able to create a space that generates employment, entrepreneurship, tourism and culture,” Vázquez called, recognizing in this goal the work of those who came before him in implementing other projects in this part of the city.

Finally, the Mayor also highlighted the “ecological and landscape” nature of this intervention, with a contribution 21,048 units of plants, of different types, more than 120 trees, the Recover unique items And useful as well Pools, canopies, walkways, slopes, living areas, viewpoints and provision of “sustainable” lighting, Suitable and adapted to the environment.” He visiting hours In winter it will be From 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM

the Architects Those in charge of the project, Juan Antonio Sánchez and Vincent Morales, who have now also been charged with drafting the project to renew the urban waiting room of La Alcazaba and La Hoya, were pleased with the outcome of this work, work that because your point of view enhances the place “The only one in the world.” Those responsible for the architecture and landscape studio realize that “the project has been here,” as it has always emphasized, and that today “we can enjoy it as it becomes a place for the entire city.”

with Maximum respect for this heritage environment and historic landscape It is unique, embraced by La Alcazaba and Cerro de San Cristóbal, and both architects recognized in this performance the “necessary” fusion made of a contemporary layer “of the layers of history present in this space.” Which, a thousand years later, “was the subject of The first public intervention,” they recall.

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This action is framed as part of the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy, Almería Ciudad Abierta, 80% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the framework of the Multi-Regional Operational Program of Spain 2014-2020.

A 25-year-old ambition fulfilled

The La Hoya Valley is, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of the rehabilitation of the old city, providing the city with a privileged space between the enclaves of the Casbah and Cerro de San Cristobal. This vast plain is a distinctive element of Almería. The presence of a semi-urban park attached to the old area is unusual, rich in surface area and also rich in its history. But many years had to pass to achieve this recovery in the form of gardens to repossess citizens. In 1998, there was even European support that the city lost at that time, although its intentions were with a new project that had to wait 13 years until yesterday.

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