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The billboards of various presidential candidates in Ibague are unauthorizedAccording to Juan Diego Prada, Director of Public Space for the Municipal Administration.

in conversation with sense of smellThe official pointed out that They made special requests to the campaign leaders of each candidate in the city to ask for their permission.

He pointed out that “none of the billboards for all candidates are not authorized by this direction. That is why the relevant application is submitted to all parties.”

Likewise, he pointed out that Whether from public or private places, they have to pull the ads until they get permission.

He explained, “We apply to the various parties that have foreign political ads in Ibague, as well as to the private parties that have billboards to remove all ads that have not been proven to be authorized from this direction.”

Thus, party leaders called for Take advantage of the number of billboards authorized by the National Electoral Council of each municipality, ie eight

He concluded, “We already have requests from some parties to go to the Directorate of Public Space to legitimize what the National Electoral Council declares, which is a total of eight billboards, like what the municipality declares.”

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