Jose Balisa and Carolina are the closest campaigners to the PRM convention

Jose Ignacio Baliza and Carolina MejiaCurrent Chairman and General Secretary Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Respectively, their campaign ended today, Friday afternoon XXI National Conference of Delegates Of that organization planned for this Sunday, May 15th And they are looking to stay for the period 2022-2026.

Hundreds of people attended the boxing arena Carlos Theo Cruz, in the National District, Along with the main two. Both delivered brief speeches and declared themselves winners of the internal process for four more years in office. PRM.

In this context, all roads have been paved for the two to return in the direction of the ruling party, since they led the opposition. Ramon Antonio Lironso, Jose Batista Lopez, Roberto Denis Pierre and Guillermo Pena Does not present significant competition.

Guido Gomez MasaraThe most famous opponent, who never registered his candidacy.

“Let no one endanger the unity of our party. If there is unity, we will be confident that we will overcome any obstacles,” he said. The above personal aspirations are collective and we accept together the ideas of Dr. Jose Francisco Bena Gomez. “

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One foot is attached to his iron Milacros Ortiz Bosch, First Vice President; Eddie Olivers, second vice president; Nelson Arroyo, Third Vice President. And Carolina, as follows Kelvin Cruz, As First Under Secretary; Leah Thias is the second deputy secretary and Jean-Louis Rodriguez is the third deputy secretary.

They are called nationally, according to the Commission on Local Elections (CEI), co-ordinated by Deline Ascension. 1,256 delegatesThe National Committee was made up of members, mayors, delegates, senators, municipal directors and party officials.

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Voting time at the Volleyball Pavilion The Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. And direct and secret ballots will be used.

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