Shivas plays like this when he loses the first leg in the quarterfinals: bad news!

MX League

When Rojiplankos enters the Jalisco Stadium grounds this Sunday, they will have to engage in paddling against the current if they want to stay alive in the tournament.

© Jam MediaShivas, who appeared in the first leg of the quarterfinals, is like this

For the Guadalajara club, those were not easy days after combining five wins Subsequently, the coach’s first failure The worst moment came when Ricardo Cadena lost 2-1 in the first leg of the quarterfinal against Atlas. Apart from this, the figures are not in favor of Rojiplankos when he misses the first chapter.

Only once The Holy Herd won when Clausura lost the Ida of the alleged event in 2006. When they put together a memorable game in the final minutes of the game against Jaguares de Chiapas and they also played as spectators at Victor Manuel Reina Stadium.

In the fight played on the field of Jalisco Stadium, led by Salvador Cabanas, beat Chiapas 3-2. But in the second pledge With a painful goal from Johnny Garcia, Chivas won 4-2 and advanced to 6-5. By the semifinals, they were able to come back alive in the campaign.

Of the other liquila duels that fall in Guadalajara Ida they could not get up, Even in some series they were defeated just as they had taken a total of 7-0 against the United States in the 1990-1991 campaign. The most recent recollection was against Toluca in 2012, where they lost 2-1 to Akron and lost 5-2 to Nemisio Tees.

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This is how Sivas appeared in Ida Cam

Go game Return game Competition
Sivas 1-2 Tolu Toluca 5-2 Chivas Opening Ceremony 2012
Chivas 2-3 Chihuahua Jaguar Jaguar 2-4 Chivas Closing 2006
Chivas 0-1 Atlas Atlas 4-3 Chivas Opened in 2004
Sivas 1-4 Toluca Toluca 6-3 Sivas Summer 2000
Sivas 1- Cruise Azul Blue Cross 4-3 Chivas Summer 1999
Chivas 1-3 USA USA 4-1 Chivas Winter 1997
Chivas 0- 2 USA USA 5-0 Chivas 1990-1991
Chivas 1-2 Atlas ? Closing 2022

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