Joins Atlante Champion and the curses broken in Mexican football in 2021

Atlante were the first team to be crowned at Azul Grana Stadium, beating Cruz Azul’s two losing finals and another final by the Golds against Tombiko a year ago.

Atlas After Apertura won the final of 2021, Cruz joined Azul and Atlas in the list of Mexican teams that overcame the drought of 2021. Liga BBVA Expansion MX Tompico Madero with an overall score of 3 to 0.

The Golds have spent 75 years without a team playing on home soil Azulgrana Ground Raise the champion title. The situation that came to an end tonight after defeating Jaipa Brava.

90 minutes after the first leg at the Tamouli Pass, ‘Potro’ imposed conditions on the Azul Grana Stadium lawn, thanks to a brace from Ramiro Costa, who knocked down the goalkeeper using a deep pumped pass. Head-up at 52 and four minutes later a ball was stolen into the area and filtered pass, as well as Christian Bermudas’ header at 77.

By receiving this trophy, Atlante raised The first official title since the 2008-09 season, in which he won the Conclave Champions League final with a score similar to that of Cruz Asula.

In 2021, Cruz Azul ended the 23-year series without a champion, while Atlas finished without winning a league title for seven decades. Atlas Joins the team, the first champion team Azulgrana Stadium, In the 75-year history of the property.

No local team won the championship in the second leg final Azulgrana Stadium. Hosted three return finals, also known as “Sports City Stadium”. Two with Cruz Azul, 1999 and 2009, another Atlas, In 2020, with adverse results for groups who used the block as their home.

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