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Rivers of Ink have already been written about James Rodriguez … and the missing ones! The last parts had to be done with his poor contribution to Everton’s unexpected defeat against outfielders Sheffield (0-1), which generated acid criticism but also set a precedent for defense in the English press.

Liverpool Echo newspaper batteries aimed at Richard Keys, editor of Payne Sports and commentator on James: “I’ve been right about James since day one, he can’t run, if he can, he’s going to play well.” But it’s a drag, he’s not defending … this season He was only able to be in the game 21 times, playing 1,764 minutes, mainly while Weil was there. Come on, Carlo. He is playing. “

“Bill Kirkbright showed that spell brilliantly in March. He then played four games (James), scored a penalty against Crystal Palace when the sun was definitely not shining, and was penalized against Tottenham. Yes, the calf tension was a frustration. There was, but James yells innovation, ingenuity and class every time he goes out. And six goals and eight assists are almost identical to Richardson’s exit. “

He added: “If Keys thinks his passes are ‘normal’, what about Leicester City falling behind when Rodriguez created a magical moment at Goodison in January? And about the match against Manchester United, high quality, Rodriguez scored again in the second half when he was not even in top form. ? What about his volleyball pass at Anfield to help Richardson? “

Echo also attacks Keys, who says he’s wasting it on his latest job, starting in Colombia, saying Farhad Mosher will not spend too much money: “Unless Keys knows something we do not know, Farhad Mosher still does not close his wallet. Since his arrival he has lent money to Ben Godfrey, Allen, Abdullai Dccore, Niels Nounco, James Free and Robin Olson. Was there money? ” Keys are a very rare spectator. “

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Without arguments, throughout the season, on the field with James, it is worth saying that Everton would not have progressed without him: he had 11 wins, 6 draws and 7 defeats, for a total of 39 points; Without him 9 wins, 1 draw and 7 falls, to a draw of 28 points.

It’s true that he missed 17 games, many, many more than actually being one of the highest paid players on the team, but that doesn’t mean those who cover everyday ‘toffees’ know the difference when it does well. The problem is precisely what is getting James’ body to the demands of the end of this season and next, the excuses are already exhausted.

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