Everton creates a digital space to honor its fans and officials who died during the pandemic

Everton created a particular way to honor its fans and officials who died during the pandemic. This Tuesday, the Viña del Mar team launched the Gold and Sky Memorial to honor the people linked to the roulette club who have lost their lives due to the coronavirus, which was created on the official website of the institution.

The initiative arose due to the impossibility of commemorating from the Sausalito stadium the supporters and workers of Oro y Cielo who have died since the arrival of Covid-19 in Chile, in 2020. It was for this reason that the painting of the Fifth Region decided to create a space for their relatives to honor the loss of their loved ones with a record on their page.

Logo of the Gold and Sky Memorial, Everton.

The first Evertonians to be honored will be Guillermo Martínez, former champion player with the team in 1976, Tomás Medina, an official who spent 40 years at the club, Alejandro Valdés, former viñamarinos props, Tania Avsolomovich, mother of soccer player Sofía Barrios. They will be joined by supporters Matías Cerda, Héctor Núñez and Paula Cortez.

In order to participate in the memorial located on the Everton site, those interested must fill out a form located on the platform, in addition to attaching a photograph and an audio with words for the person to whom they want to pay the honors.

This is how the Gold and Sky Memorial should be accessed from the Everton website. PHOTO: screenshot.

Finally, each week the club will highlight one of those commemorated in the Special Memory section of the page, establishing them as the main image of the virtual space. This will be located at the beginning of the web.

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