Unread WhatsApp Internet News: How To Fix Them Above

If you usually send unanswered messages Share Because when you scroll down you will keep losing unanswered messages Chat list We will teach you the way to prevent it from happening Unread news At the top of the main screen, you do not see them, but the contact you want to contact.

It can be misunderstood that a person leaves us at this time In seeing“It’s a rude act or you do not want to talk to us, but if that is not your case, give it priority. Conversations Earrings ensure that the people you communicate with receive the attention they deserve when they chat with you. This can be easily achieved in the version for this Computer This is called the popular instant messaging processor WhatsApp Internet.

If you miss a lot of chats and pending conversations between work or school, you can keep an eye on them for follow-up. (Pixabe)

We’ll show you how to make unread messages stay on top so you do not miss your messages from close people, at work or at school, so you do not stop responding to them.

How do I fix unread WhatsApp web messages in my chat list?

This trick can be done Walkway Digital You need to download and install the extension for WhatsApp Web, Google Chrome, which you can access from your personal computer or laptop browser. WA Web Plus for WhatsApp.

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When this add-on works, you will see a puzzle or puzzle icon at the top, next to the address bar, which will display the various extensions you have installed.

At this point, open the WhatsApp web portal in the new window tab and open the extension, where different tools for WhatsApp will include a menu of parameters at your fingertips, but this time we’re interested. “Back up unread chatsWhich achieves the desired effect.

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The system will organize the messages automatically so that those who have not yet read and do not respond will see the top of the dialog list so do not forget to return to them as soon as you get the chance. Contact you ..

Another feature of WA Web Plus is that it allows you to keep your attention on those important chats at all times, regardless of the date or time of the last message received.Follow unlimited chats”So the conversations will be in view of approaching them quickly indefinitely.

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