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William Guzman b.

Jerry Rivera revealed explosiveness. An aide to Puerto Rican Salzero’s presentation made a slander and harassed those present.

The man complained at the top of his voice about audio problems that prevented Rivera’s voice from being heard clearly. However, the way he complained not only annoyed the others there, the artist responded to the gruesome manner in which the viewer complained and surprisingly put him in his place, instead, invited him to leave.

Rivera could not bear the behavior of the furious character and stopped the concert: “What I need is you, essentially, stop giving advice, there are technical issues. You, tall, stop shouting and instructing. How much did you do? Are you paying to be here in Puerto Rico? No worries, you have to respect people, you pay, I pay you to leave, ”the singer said angrily.

Through a video that went viral on all social networks, the translator could see how “Amores Como El Neustro”, “Nada Sin Di” and “Counted Me, Exploded, and Stopped Four Songs” in Memorable Songs. To the protagonist of the unpleasant event.

“You can stay there if you want to be quiet, but if you want to bother me, I can give you money and you can leave, it’s easy,” the singer-songwriter said. However, Internet users did not miss the opportunity to send messages of support to the celebrity for insulting the individual with “Jerry is so good”, “Yum face was good”, “Brutality !! …” How things are said!

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