Chapelo reappears and shocks fans with his appearance at 87 years old

Xavier Lopez, better known as ‘Chapelo’, reappeared on the cover of a national magazine, where he talked about retiring from television and all the ‘memes’ that users create in his name.

It should be noted that the actor is currently 87 years old and confirms he is in his moment. After finishing the show ‘My Familia con Chapelo’, he has decided to devote most of his life away from the cameras and from time to time return to his social networks and send messages to his followers.

The driver agreed to give a short interview with the sole purpose of celebrating Children’s Day this April 30th.

In addition, the presenter was questioned about memes about his age because he had already been mocked as immortal since he was already one of the most important icons of Mexican television since the 1950s.

As he said, memes make him happy by the ingenuity of internet users without making him angry. He said he appreciates being considered immortal, but said “I do not think that is possible.”

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Finally, speaking of children, he lamented that today’s childhood is far from their families and due to technology.

He also criticized that there are no family shows on current television like “My Familia con Chapelo”, but he is still a part of the public because he enjoys watching movies and various games.

Chapelo reappears and shocks fans with his appearance at 87 years old

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