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Actor Carlos Alvarez has announced that 2022 will be full of surprises for him. Not only will he continue his comedy, he will return to the classroom to begin his university degree.

In a recent interview with the Trom newspaper, the comedian and protagonist said that “Hasta Cue la mamiyar separates us” and that he would go back to reading at the age of 56 because he did not see himself following the “Pauline” model. When he was 70 years old.

“I am 56 years old and I want to get a university degree and next year I am going to study law. I do not see ‘Paul’ playing in his 70s or 80s, I think there is a cycle to everything”, Said the comedian.

Similarly, Alvarez’s return to study signifies his retirement from the art world. “I will dedicate myself to preparing myself and at the same time continuing my art work.”Alvarez agreed.

About a month ago, Carlos Alvarez said he received a notarized letter for parodying “Pituco de Lima”, a phrase that went viral: “I’re a Pituko, I belong to the country. Lima and I have class.”

“During the incident in Mokuga with our National Police agent there was a notary letter from a very famous person … ‘I am from Lima, I have a Pituko and I have a class.’He pointed to Willie Miguel Peralta Gillen through his Facebook account.

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