Francis Rosas admits that he felt guilty after leaving Wapa

Comedian Francis Rosas He admitted on Saturday that he felt guilty only after Wapa resigned from Television on June 11 to take on the role of an executive producer at Teleons.

“I said with guilt, wow what do I do, I’m going into a wild mess, but my lawyer’s advice helped me a lot,” Rosas said in an interview. Mollusk TV.

The comedian felt very relaxed after the judge’s decision Alfonso Martinez Piovanetti An initial restraining order should not be issued last Thursday to bar him from appearing as an actor on Teleons, as he claims he was limited by a contract he signed with production company Sango Inc. Gilda Chantini and Sunshine Locrono.

“I’ve been carrying the tension since I made the decision to leave, in fact, I told him the truth a few days before I knew I was going to meet or confront him, ‘Look, I’m leaving.’

Similarly, if the judge’s decision was to the contrary, “I’m going to fail because I’m not ready to be behind the cameras yet. It’s going to happen in the end, because as an executive producer, I plan to produce. It shows that I do not want to be in front of the camera.”

Rosas, however, pointed out that it would be difficult to wait two more years to do so as they have been working on the project, which will be televised for some time.

In addition, the actor revealed that he has been presenting projects on Wapa TV since 2005, but they have not accepted anything. At the same time, the telephones contacted him without receiving a plan from the actor.

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“For a long time I wanted to go out and look for a good opportunity, but I decided to stay because they upgraded the offer or it was a little difficult for me to make a decision. It’s been my home for 15 years and at that point, heck I’m very good here in a way,” said comedian Wapa. He explained about leaving the TV.

“But I had to go … this is the moment. Yes I got great offers before, but it was so tasty, I said let’s go there,” he added.

As the comedian noted, the show, which airs on telephones from September to Friday from September, will feature paintings and interviews inside and outside Puerto Rico.

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