Did he go on a knife or diet? Angelica Vale looks unrecognizable (+photo)

Followers of the actress in Mexico Angelica Vale They got a huge surprise after seeing some photos posted on her personal Instagram account, which show off her perfect body. In recent months, the actress has been rehearsing hard and preparing for whatever the musical may bring “Wasalin”, and it has given him great physical results.

The memorable hero of the novel “The Most Beautiful Ugly”, Over the years he has faced criticism and ridicule According to her, she doesn’t have a figure like the other guys of Fear, but now she is completely thin and slender.

The artist posted a photo with the actor on her Instagram account Eugenio Terpes It shows her remarkable transformation after gaining considerable weight due to the birth of her children Angélica Masiel on June 21, 2012 and Daniel Nicolas, born on March 24, 2014.

actress revealed He was on a strict diet for so long that it didn’t work and damaged his body. “I ate three pieces of spinach and didn’t lose a pound wondering why, but it was a hormonal thing.”

Although many netizens on social networks claimed that the famous actress’ daughter underwent surgery Angelica Maria revealed that she went to a specialist who helped her lose weight in a healthy way.

“I think my doctor found the hormone therapy I’ve been asking for for nine years. “They finally got it right,” expresses.

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