The Science and Innovation Committee agrees to establish investigation committees Peru

Committee on Science, Innovation and Technology (CIT). CongressIt approved, chaired by Congressman Carlos Zeballos Madariaga, the proposal to request the powers of the commission to investigate two cases that would lead to irregularities.

One of them is the so-called “Pampa Scholars Farm”Which was presented by the press program Punto Final, where they denounced The alleged existence of a criminal organization dedicated to producing detectivesThis is done by purchasing and publishing scientific articles.

Thus an application was made for A period of 120 business days to investigate alleged scientific fraud This is evident in the buying and selling of scientific research associated with Concytec, Indecopi and other entities. In this way it will be possible to determine Political, civil, criminal and administrative responsibilitiesAnd take measures and procedures against those responsible for the investigation.

National fiber optic network backbone

The second case is known as “The ineffective and ineffective white elephant called the dorsal reticulum.” Regarding the National Fiber Optic Backbone Network (RDNFO), which has since been deemed ineffective and ineffective, After 7 years of operation, only 8% of its installed capacity is used.

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this networkWhich extends across 13,636 kilometers of Peruvian territory, It was created with the aim of reducing the digital dividePromote social inclusion, promote social and economic development, improve competitiveness, enhance security, and encourage the transition towards an information and knowledge-based society.

However, The network became economically unviableSo Ministry of Transportation and Communications Cancellation of the concession contract with Azteca Company. According to the MCC, this cancellation was the least harmful to the state’s finances.

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The National Fiber Optic Backbone Network Project will have someone to implement it. (United State)

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The backbone that started operating in 2016 is a “million-dollar white elephant,” and after seven years, it is barely operating at 8% of its installed capacity, despite the fact that the backbone The infrastructure cost the country $333 million, an amount to which maintenance and operating expenses are added From a virtually unused network that is worth several million dollars moreCongressman Zeballos said.

The ineffectiveness of the RDNFO generates millions of dollars in losses that are assumed by all Peruvians We must investigate to find those responsible“he added.

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