Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck plan to sign MDT Brenap

Rumors A wedding in between Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck To grow. Sources close to the couple told the newspaper Heatworld, The Bronx Diva Trying Protect your wealth at all costs and sign one before taking big action.

As it is well known, Jennifer Lopez’s luck This is nothing less than $ 400 million. “Jen wants to be a married woman again. He was very close to achieving it with his ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez, but She completely lost faith in that relationship after rumors of a fraud”Continues the source.

“Some of her friends think so She’s crazy to think she can walk down the aisle with Penn But she really believes it They are destined to be together, and that destiny has brought them back into each other’s lives. But Jen too Incredibly smart when it comes to your money, I have no way of putting it at risk. If they get married, he is very open with Penn, He will make a pre-agreement to defend his $ 400 million empire“; Done.

Ben Affleck is not comfortable signing on to Brennab

According to the source, Ben Affleck was not entirely happy with the idea of ​​signing, Because this is also there A big fortune (million 150 million) and he did not think his money was in danger with JLo.

“Ben is a proud person and has his own wealth, So he gets a little annoyed by the dynamics of playing it. The truth is, he was not so interested in remarrying, however He knew she was important to Zen and he didn’t want to lose her. He acknowledges their wedding talks, But doing anything with Brennab is a nightmare for himSaid the source.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez search the Los Angeles mansion

When Puerto Rican and the Americans reach an agreement on the Brennan issue, The couple is already preparing their move togetherWell, a couple of days ago They visited some of the luxury mansions for sale in Los Angeles.

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