Jeremy Pena and Maldonado star at the Houston Rally

At this crucial point in the season, the defending champion Houston Astros are showing why they have been the most consistent franchise in the American League West for the past seven seasons.

With a four-game hitting streak they’re trying to extend against the Boston Red Sox, an offense that has stepped up when they need it most, they’ve become one of the toughest teams to beat in this stretch.

Just like in Game 2 of the series at Fenway Park, the defending champions started out in front. Unlike that clash, this one scored not two runs in the first innings, but three in the second innings.

After Kyle Tucker flied out to center, a single by Chaz McCormick launched into left.

Michael Brantley got his first hit of the year when his drive took Alex Vertugo clear and left the field on the first bounce for a double in regulation.

John Singleton brought a ground ball into the box at first, but the inning ended with two outs. That’s when Jeremy Pena, with third man, scored a second DB through the entry rule and the same area. This allowed Brantley to score his second goal of the match.

Unfortunately for Dusty Baker’s crew, “Machete” was placed second as they attempted to double the win. The inning ended this way but the run scored by Jeremy Pena was valid, so the Astros quickly took a 3×0 lead.

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An inning later, the dose was repeated with another trio of RBIs by Chaz McCormick and Michael Brantley (2), who was already 2-for-2 and raised his average to .333 in the two games he played.

Without further ado, here’s the rally in Houston

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