Science seeks to resurrect extinct animals with their ancient DNA

So what animals can we revive? And why?

The woolly mammoth, a close relative of the modern elephant, is one of the most endangered animals. Those hairy giants They became extinct about 4,000 years agoPerhaps due to climate change and human hunting.

to achieve this, DNA should be extracted from frozen mammoth remains and combined with DNA from Asian elephantsThey are their closest living relatives. A hybrid embryo will then be created and implanted in a surrogate elephant or an artificial womb.


Some scientists believe they could help restore the Arctic ecosystem if they were returned to their natural habitat.

The result would be an animal similar to, but not identical to, a mammoth.

What are the problems posed by extinction?

Although the idea Resurrecting extinct animals may seem incredibleIt also poses a series of ethical, environmental and social challenges. Some of the main arguments against are:


Another animal that can be revived is the dodo.

  • It would divert our attention endangered speciesThere are many endangered species and ecosystems that need our attention.
  • Focusing on extinction methods is more costly than necessary to conserve endangered species and habitats.
  • will consist of God of playThere is a moral argument that questions the right of humans to interfere with nature and alter the course of evolution.

De-extinction is a research area that raises many questions and dilemmas. Is it possible to revive extinct animals? Yes, at least some of them. desirable? It depends on how you do it and for what purpose.

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