Jason Grease said the United States had suffered a setback against Mexico

Mexico City /

Coach of America, Jason Circle, Said in the game against Mexico The timing of each team’s players’ rhythm of the game was specified, as the Mexican had competed since January. The stars and lines are in advance.

“His players are in shape for the season, not ours, Our players are not physically fit. I hope to reach the next game with some new players Secure a ticket to Tokyo”, He later told a news conference Lose to the triangle.

Greece highlighted Mexico’s defense, which closed all places, and subsequently dropped his goal to zero in the second game.

They have a lot of talent in front of them. Security is strict. They have a lot of personal quality. It was almost the same line as the first game, but they were surprised with two or three changes. “

Jalisco left them a good picture

For his part, American player Mauricio Pineda pointed it out He shuddered at the sight of the public again on the stands In a match.

“I think it’s good to play with the fans. This is the first time in a long time from us. It doesn’t matter if they are ours or not, it’s good to have fans, “he said.

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