Delegates leave out three reasons for the abortion

Between the blue and green flags, the full session of the House of Representatives began yesterday with the knowledge of the draft law of the penal code of the Dominican Republic, which read the report of the Special Commission that had read it for several months.

As soon as the doors of the delegates’ hemicycle were opened, their actors tied Bennett and handkerchiefs to their respective seats with colors that identified their ideology in favor of life or that would interfere with pregnancy under three reasons.

This new arrangement of seats in the House of Representatives is currently the subject of debate in society as to whether abortion should be performed under three reasons or included in the new penal code.

A few minutes before the start of the session, Alexis Jimenez, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies Judicial Commission, confirmed that all three reasons were not included in the final report.

Difference of opinion
As a result of this decision, members of the Commission’s Representatives Jose Horacio Rodriguez and Santiago Vilorio Lizardo deposited a statement of dissatisfaction, where they demanded the introduction of three reasons within the Penal Code.

Alfredo Pacheco, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, ordered that the report on the draft Penal Code, consisting of 412 articles, be read by sections in different working sessions and that the report of dissatisfaction be read at the end.

The first 76 articles were read yesterday, in which the sentences were piled up, meaning that if the victim was “proven guilty, in several separate processes, the pronounced sentences would be executed as a whole.”

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The reading will continue in the following sessions, and as soon as the dissatisfaction report is read, the discussions will continue and will end with a vote on both reports.

Then, they will continue to vote on the bill, which must be approved in two readings, and then it will go to the Senate, which will first study the legislative initiative and go through a process similar to the lower house.

Three reasons
According to Congressman Jimenez, all three were removed from the legislature and sent to a special commission for review.

However, Article 112 establishes a defense against a particular situation: “Interruption of pregnancy by specialized medical personnel in public or private health institutions is not punishable in advance, and all available scientific and technological means are exhausted as far as possible if the life of the mother and fetus is at risk. In these circumstances, behavior is considered to belong to the fact that justifies the state of necessity.

Easter week.

Pacheco announced that next week the Chamber of Deputies will be closed for Holy Week, so work will resume until Monday, April 5th.

Care Act.
Faced with the prospect of the code being endorsed by “pro-life” legislators Jose Horacio Rodriguez and Juan Dionysio Rodriguez, President Louis Abinader hoped to pursue the initiative.

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