Rude attitude, unsanitary conditions and cockroaches: most complaints from Russian tourists in Cuba

Although it is common in publications and social networks Complaints of Tourists of Russia Who is visiting? Hotels From CubaThe details and testimonies provided by many of them allow us to understand the crisis of a sector that only the island's authorities are growing due to the alliance between Havana and Moscow.

This time, An unidentified vacationer paid 500,000 rubles (nearly $6,000) for two weeks at a hotel on the island.He described the many inconveniences he had to face.

According to published evidence Half Russian Korodobai, Cuba is attractive to Russians as a destination, but “not everything is rosy, as it seems in the pictures. Even if you buy an expensive tour, you'll be met with rudeness and disaster.”

“The exterior picture of the room was similar to what was expected. However, a closer inspection revealed mold in the bathroom, stains on the sofa and armchair, and a broken plywood floor,” said the tourist.

Precisely the cleanliness of the room is very questionable: “The maids made the bed only with dirty sheets. The towels were changed only once in a two-week stay”. But for this, the complaint insisted, tourists must “leave a dollar tip.”

As if that was not enough, the hotel tenants said, “The attitude of the hotel staff towards the vacationers is not very friendly. “Almost none of the staff bothered to smile or use a polite tone.”

“At the end of the holiday, we had to face rudeness. We went to a waitress because she forgot to collect some of our things after checkout. However, the staff refused to help.”

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“It's not that he doesn't want to open up, but the communication style,” the complainant said. “It was like, 'I don't have to do anything for you, you solve your own problems, it's your fault.'”

This kind of irritation extended to the restaurant's service: “We had to wait 15 minutes for a glass of water. Also, Suspicious quality water was provided, it smelled of mud”said the tourist.

From all of the above, the dubious hygiene of the hotel is clear, which is not identified by the publication, although it is illustrated with a photo of a facility in Cayo Coco or Cayo Santa Maria, along with Varadero, some of the favorite destinations for Russians visiting Cuba.

“Cockroaches can be found on restaurant tables. There were also glasses with fingerprint marks, dirty cutlery and plates with stains,” the victim added.

“I saw it myself. He pours water from a big tub into a dirty glass, shakes it, rinses it. That's it. Nobody even scrubs the dishes.”

According to statistics provided by the Embassy of Cuba in the Russian Federation, 185,000 tourists from that country traveled to the island in 2023, 3.4 times more than in 2022.

By 2024, Havana expects 200,000 to 230,000 tourists from RussiaA registration no.

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