Simon Piles’ Olympic Retreat sheds light on mental health in gymnastics

Chris Waller just couldn’t process what he saw. Simon Byles, in his opinion, the most dominant athlete in the world has dropped his planned tab. Almost fell. He then deviated from the competitive path.

Waller, a UCLA gymnastics coach, noted that Piles’ surprise departure from the women’s gymnastics team final on Tuesday was “I was speechless.”

Despite the sudden turn of events at the Olympics, the Gymnastics World team continued to celebrate Team America’s silver medal at the event, with Piles praising it as another turning point. Health when he withdrew from the competition to prioritize his mood on the international stage.

“People are going to remember Simon Piles from the gymnastics perspective as GOAT (the best of all time), but from a holistic, psychiatric perspective, what was she able to do from sexual abuse, everything?” Olympic silver medalist Samantha Besek said. I think research has compelled everyone to be better. “

The United States achieved what Waller called a “tough record”, and after the first round, Piles recovered for the silver after leaving the tournament, in which he competed easily with a 1 ½ turn jump compared to his expected ability.

Jeff Graba knew from watching Piles’ hot attempt that something was wrong. Auburn Gym coach, its brother coaches American Sunisa Lee, Piles and her coaches were relieved to have decided to exclude him from the competition.

“Through the gymnastics she does, [fue] It was a good decision not to push her, ”Graba said. “This is very dangerous.”

Grace McCullum, who will attend Utah next year, has led all four events and had eight of her eight Olympic appearances. Three months ago, he returned to the gym due to a hand injury.

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“It’s amazing what he did on the world stage,” said Utah coach Tom Forden.

After Piles retired from the tournament before the second round, McCullum led the team with 13.7 points, followed by Silis’ 14,166. Next, the team anchored the line with 15.4 tied for the team’s final individual score.

“It’s so hard,” Graba said, adding that Lee will be coaching Auburn this fall. “It’s as hard as a nail.”

After all, Piles never got the attention. She cheered on the team players. He gave them a plate of lime. He told them he loved them.

It “shows what it means to be a team,” Bessek said.

A decade ago, Besek landed in the same Olympic arena. He was 16 when he was selected to the Olympic team that won silver in Beijing in 2008. In the mixed media zone, reporters gather outside the formal press conference to ask questions, “the questions are so scary and offensive,” he commented. It affected the team.

The growing media focus is only a small part of the Olympic pressure cooker.

Waller, who competed for the United States in Barcelona in 1992, said: “The Olympics are about representing your country.” The feeling of knowing you are there represents your country, which is inspiring, and comes with a lot of pressure. This is a completely different game, with millions of eyes not only from your country but also from other countries ”.

Byles’ status as one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time increased attention when he entered the Tokyo Games because he continued to unleash gravity-breaking abilities to rewrite the code of points.

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“I was in her place when I became an Olympian, but I had no idea what Simone Piles was.” Said Bezek.

After the team qualifier, Piles advanced to the five-individual finals, passing a poor performance and writing on Instagram: “Sometimes I feel like I have the shoulders of the world on my shoulders.”

On Tuesday, he asked for help to carry the load.

“It gives him so much courage to be able to do what he did,” Graba said. “She takes everything she wants from her. Moving forward and saying that, you keep mental health at the center of attention and, naturally, you are going to empower young people you think, ‘This is the right thing to do. He did the right thing. ‘

Graba said the situation features a “new version of USA gymnastics” in which athletes are given a voice and coaches are willing to listen. The organization continues to suffer from sexual, emotional and physical abuse scandals, and has been the target of Piles’ criticism since former national team doctor Larry Nasser was accused of sexually abusing hundreds of women.

Piles told reporters that he would take things day by day in relation to competing in the finals of personal events this Thursday. If he does not compete, the next qualifier will take his place, namely Americans Jade Carey and Michael Skinner will compete in all-round and jump, respectively.

In college gymnastics, which is considered a place for elite gymnasts to rediscover happiness in sport after years of rigorous Olympic training, trainers are reminded of the importance of the mental health of their own athletes. Waller said the importance of encouraging athletes to speak immediately is underlined.

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“We know the pressures are real,” Forden said, finishing third at the NCAA Championships last season.

These efforts can even be extended to gymnastics for younger people. Bessek had already considered incorporating more mental training into the popular “Beam Queen Bootcamp” sessions for young athletes, but is now motivated to implement his plans.

“I think you are strong in terms of mental health, you are mentally strong, and you become an overall well-rounded athlete,” Bessek said. “Focusing more on mental health is nothing more than positive things.”

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