iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers will have an alternative version for AOD setting

The future iPhone 14 Pro, which integrates an always-on screen system, will have alternate versions of its wallpapers so that the terminal consumes less energy during its lockdown.

Known as Always On Display (AOD), this display mode allows you to keep the screen constantly active to display certain data such as the date, time, notifications or specific ‘widgets’.

To optimize your power, the computer uses only the pixels on the screen necessary to display this information. The rest, the ones you don’t use, stay away.

Last May, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman noted that iOS 16, the latest version of Apple’s operating system, would include a series of features for its lock screen and wallpapers with widget-like capabilities.

According to internal iOS 16 files accessed by 9to5Mac, system wallpapers have been updated using AOD technology using a new multi-layer design.

In addition to the standard and default iPhone wallpapers, users can access others collected under the name ‘Sleep’, which contain high-contrast elements.

This way, once the user locks the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro, the wallpaper will be transferred to this other version. In this way, this image becomes darker without bringing out the vivid colors that the original contained.

During this suspension of the screen, both the clock and the ‘widgets’ integrated into it remain visible so that users can see them.

However, every time the user touches the screen or presses the power button, the wallpaper returns to its original brightness.

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