Inspection centers are operating normally

Vehicle inspection centers opened their doors today, Saturday, after the outage that occurred yesterday, Friday, when the servers used to conduct these checks stopped working amid the electronic card application.

In fact, the president of the Association of Inspection Centers, Roberto Echevarria, reported this first hour Most of these companies will work long hours to serve customers who come to buy their label. He said that, on average, they can work until 6:00 pm or 9:00 pm.

And in the case of Echevarría, which has a screening center in the Puma garage located in Guaynabo’s Amelia neighborhood, it will be open until 9:00 p.m.

“We’re getting down to business and everything is going well. It’s flowing well and the people who are suspended feel more calm.”

The leader of this group commented that drivers have been notified about the 15-day moratorium approved by the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Ellen Vélez-Vega, for those vehicles whose registration expired in August. He said he was told he could stay in line or come back on Monday, which is a day off.

Regarding the stickers that expired last July and whose renewal has been delayed until August, he noted that very few people came up with this kind of issue. He pointed out, for example, that only one client suffering from this condition was dealt with in his center.

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These vehicles, whose registration expired in July, were not added to the 15-day moratorium approved by the minister yesterday.

Regarding the number of drivers who came to check the vehicles, Echevarria commented, “There are queues, but not as many as yesterday. We evaluate the customer in terms of whether he is going on a trip or has a trip.” Commit and evaluate if another day will come. Lines are moving fast and everything is calm.”

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