Anahi brings up her son to sing Rebelde during the RBD tour

After performing in El Paso, Texas and Houston, Presented in RBD New York And they continue to prepare for their stardom Concert at Azteca Stadium in Mexico. During his concert abroad, Anahi surprised her fans by bringing a very special person on stage.

During their concert in New York, fans of the group noticed the presence of Anahi’s husband Manuel Velasco Coello and their two sons Manuel and Emilio.

While performing the song behind me, Anahi decided to send a message to his youngest son on his father’s shoulder: “Emilio, I love you.”said the singer as everyone around cheered.

A few minutes later, HeThe actress and singer wanted to make another emotional gesture with their children and invited Manuel Come with her to explain RebelOne of the group’s most popular songs.

On several occasions Anahi gave her son a microphone so he could sing popular songs with other members of RBD. The huge crowd shocked the boy and he limited himself to sending greetings to the public.

Leaving one of the most emotional moments of the RBD tour so far, the two walked around the stage hand in hand.

Anahi dedicates a message to her children

On his official Instagram account, The singer dedicated the message of gratitude to her family And he said he was excited to share with them his passion to return to the stage.

“Words can’t explain what it was like tonight my three loves. I love you!” He wrote in the description along with some photos of his presentation.


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