Jaime Musan in Veracruz: asks lawmakers to make reforms to protect airspace – Diario de Xalapa

Veracruz, Ver.- Mexican ufologist Jaime Musan is asking the federal Congress to reform airspace protection laws After the revelations made by the United States of the recovery of ships, biological objects and advanced technology.

In an interview before the lecture, he presented research cases related to the non-human phenomenonOr urge Mexico to be the first country to recognize the existence of unidentified anomalies.

“The proposal is to make amendments to the already existing law and integrate it. The unknown atmospheric phenomenon has already been studied. Be careful. The atmospheric here. The amendment is to turn it into the indefinite anomalous phenomenon. Although it is the same message, the concept is different because We are here talking about bodies that are not from Earth, This means that by incorporating this number into the laws of Mexico, our country will recognize it and will be the first in the world.

And he confirms that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, already has the amendments on the table so that in 2024 a law called the Controlled Declassification will be signed in which, among other articles, it is said that the United States and the world must be prepared for this new reality.

“There is talk that there will be citizenship commissions that will be responsible for the investigation, under this principle, why is this not happening in Mexico? Why not bring our country closer to this phenomenon? Because it is possible that depending on what is happening in the Mexican Congress, other countries can follow suit.” suit.

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The researcher of extraterrestrial life also confirms that after July 26, when the United States made extraordinary discoveries about the recovery of ships and biological objects and stories from the piles where it talked about the technology, the lies ended to the world.

In his view, the United States has been slow to acknowledge something he has already been investigating for 40 years.

“I have always told the truth. People were perplexed why what I said is not everywhere. Now it has become clear. Some wanted to hide the truth. They wanted to hijack it, but it comes out on its own. There is such activity of these phenomena that concern the United States,” he says. The United States considers them national security because they constantly appear at their bases.

He stressed that very soon we will have to accept that we are not alone and that there is a presence in the sky, so scientists will have to realize that it is possible to travel from very deep places in the universe to Earth.

That is, he said that if everything had been accepted from the beginning, the world would not have been involved in so many problems, and it would have developed in terms of health and a society more adapted to the universe.

Finally, it indicates that the presence of these phenomena occurs very frequently in the northern states such as Sinaloa and Sonora and near the border with the United States.

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