The Latino Hall of Fame declared inductees immortal

Hundreds of Latino players have passed through the American Major Leagues, but some always stand out above the rest. For the latter, the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame is a horizon for success.

The organization aims to highlight the contributions of Latino players and promoters in MLB after they retire from active sports.Advertisements

The tenth ceremony of this type will take place at the end of 2023, for which the International Committee of Excellence of the Latin Baseball Hall of Fame announced the candidates.

Candidates for the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame

The published list is as follows:

Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Lee, Orlando Cabrera, David Ortiz, Edwin Encarnacion, Francisco Cordero, Jose Reyes, Julio Cesar Franco, Manny Ramirez, Bartolo Colon, Alfonso Soriano and Adrian Beltre.

The future “Hall of Fame” was completed with these names:

Miguel Tejada, Francisco Rodriguez, Felix Hernandez, Bobby Abreu, Johan Santana, Maglio Ordonez, Jose Canseco, Javi Lopez, Rafael Palmerio, Carlos Beltran, Sandy Alomar Jr., Livan Hernandez, Ruben Hernandez.

Minutes started ticking as the selection committee could vote for five athletes until 6pm on September 4.

The entire process will be carried out electronically, as informed in the notification issued by SFBL in this regard.

To reach this final stage, a large number of players had to be selected as almost a hundred were selected.

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The presence of the Cuban-born stands as a model for the inexhaustible talent that comes from the Antillean island. Rafael Palmeiro, with his 569 home runs in the MLB, is an interesting piece for those deciding the final opinion.

The Latino Baseball Hall of Fame’s tenth enshrinement ceremony will rekindle nostalgia for these luminaries of the past, but the inductees will remain immortalized.

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