In Cuba, swimming pools are abandoned houses

A thriving pre-revolutionary neighborhood, abandoned swimming pools welcome Cubans fighting the August heat.

CubaThane is a country made up of many islands Caribbean Sea. Its history and identity are defined as coming and going Political movements Dating from its colonial times, the late 20th century and recent times. Despite the hardships of transition, the inhabitants of this place boast a rich culture in which they Music Genres And her passion for dance comes to the fore, paving the way for a career that would no longer be conceivable without these contributions.

This is Antillean Archipelago produces a Tropical weather Easily accessible 38°C in summer. According to the Climatic Center of the Cuban Meteorological Institute, August is the hottest month. This year is no exception, as the thermometer is already marked at 09:30 up to 32°C. news agency AFP It has collected testimonies from locals who vouch that they have never experienced a season many years ago.

Facing the heat, The Cubans did not give up, and the new life they give to swimming pools in proven abandoned homes. In particular, this event happened HavanaThe capital of the country.

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Above is an example of what happens MiramarA neighborhood in the west of the city, formerly prosperous The Cuban Revolution. There, families flock to pools left to their fate after wealthy Cubans leave the island in search of other land.

These points, there are many people HavanaIn addition to local flora and fauna, they are located in hidden voids that are landfills.

“It’s not like a beach come onBut kids can have a good time,” says Alberto, who lives in the capital AFP.

Resist heaven

Postcard beaches are typical of the mental image Cuba, they are 20 minutes by car from the city. Shortage of fuel and difficulties in transportation make going to those places not so feasible. Hence the alternative that the Havanese have with these Ruined ponds It’s more than attractive.

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Yamil Lage/AFP

“For us We cannot live without the beachThe body only asks for sea water,” said 44-year-old Boris Paltrans, a self-employed worker. AFP.

With information from AFP

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