Why is Uber Eats penalizing delivery people? What measures are taken for those who work more than 12 hours continuously?

LA technology company that makes food delivery and delivery services available has decided to use security measures to regulate what it calls “delivery partners” in Mexico, specifically those who ride motorcycles to make deliveries.

New Uber Eats security measures

The digital platform that makes it easy for its users to get food in their home community or at any address requested, has decided to introduce two security functions to control the performance of its traveling delivery people. motor cycle.

Distraction Prevention: This functionality involves both the user and the deliverer, as the aim is to avoid interaction between the two parties via chat while the deliverer is on his way to the destination.

This function sends a reminder to the “delivery partner” when they try to use the chat, and it pauses any messages the user sends, informing them that their text will not be sent while the motorcyclist is on the road.

Punishment for traders? Uber seeks to avoid risks

Fatigue Prevention: This feature is intended to prevent “delivery partners” from driving while tired or drowsy. A new feature on Uber Eats will send notifications to motorcyclists to track how long they’ve ridden in a day.

If the app detects that they have been driving for 12 hours in a row, they will be automatically cut off for 6 days.

These new functions are added to others already in the Uber Eats app for delivery partners, such as helmet use via selfie and technology to detect odd situations like long stops.

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