In 2015 Santa María Astuma – Diario La Bagina, Ozo, the dog that saved the lives of police after attacking two gang members, died.

Do you remember the story of the bear? Ozo is a street dog who became a hero in 2015 when he attacked two gang members who, from a motorcycle, threw grenades at the Santa Maria Ostuma police station. Thanks to his reaction, the device fell farther and prevented the deaths of the agents on duty that day. According to the Police Corporation, Oso died on Thursday, August 24.

On April 21, 2015, when the gangs controlled the territories, two motorcycle-borne gang members attacked the police station with grenades, but they tried to throw the grenades, Oso (still not even named) though the grenade exploded and did not attack the police station. It led them to miss their goal. As a result of the explosion, the puppy became deaf.

Police officers administered first aid to the puppy, recognized it for its “heroism” and named it Bear. When he recovered, he was attached to the canine unit of PNC’s anti-narcotics unit, where he provided police service.

“Oso passed away this morning, Agent Cory was a hero and we removed him in an act of remembrance for his outstanding service to our organization and to the Salvadorans. Agent Pierre, we will always remember you,” the police agency posted.

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