A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck the border between Mexico and Guatemala

A A powerful earthquake struck the border between Mexico and Guatemala This Sunday morning, terrified people took to the streets.

The tremor occurred around 6:00 a.m. near the Mexican border town of Suciete, where a river of the same name separates the two countries.

The quake occurred off the Pacific coast, at a depth of 47 miles and 10 miles west-southwest of Brisas Barra de Suciete, where the river meets the sea. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the earthquake was initially recorded at 6.4 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake struck offshore 10.5 miles west-southwest of Brizas Barra de Suciate, Mexico.

debt: United States Geological Survey (USGS)

After the strong earthquake, several aftershocks were reported in the area.

In Mexico, there were no immediate reports of damage, but mountains along the border and remote areas are prone to landslides.

Across the border, Guatemala's National Disaster Prevention Agency shared photos on its social media accounts of small landslides on roads in the Quetzaltenango region and large cracks in the walls of a hospital in San Marcos, but there were no reports of deaths.

Mexico was unaffected

In Dapachula, near the border, civil defense forces looked for signs of any aftershocks.

Didier Solares, a civil defense official in Suciete, said there had been no damage so far. “Fortunately, everything is fine,” Solares said. “We are talking to companies, (rural areas) by radio, nothing, no damage, thank God,” he added.

But despite everything, the earthquake scared the residents. In the hilly and picturesque colonial town of San Cristóbal, the tremors were strongly felt.

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“We're up here because we have a seismic warning service,” resident Joaquin Morales said. “The warning woke me up because it came 30 seconds before the earthquake.”

Maria Guzmán, a teacher in Duxtla Chico, a town near Tapachula, said: “It was terrible, it was strong. “It was a real scare.”

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