Obama’s Strong Message on Israel-Palestine Conflict

(CNN) — Former President Barack Obama said progress would only be possible if the “complex nature” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was recognized.

“If there is any chance of constructive action to get anything done, it is necessary to acknowledge the complexity and maintain what on the surface seem like contradictory points of view: what Hamas has done is terrible and unjustified. And (… ) the occupation and what is happening to the Palestinians is intolerable,” Obama said in “Pot Save America.” He said in an interview on the podcast.

The former president’s comments come as the Israeli military is concentrating its offensive against Hamas in Gaza City and the north.

Behind the scenes, U.S. officials believe Israel has a limited window of time to achieve its stated goal of wiping out Hamas in its current operation before outcry over humanitarian suffering and civilian casualties reaches a crescendo.

Obama was particularly critical of social media talk and the “TikTok” activity.

“To solve the problem, you have to guess at the whole truth, and then you have to admit that no one has clean hands and we are all somewhat complicit,” he said.

Millions of people returned sites The likes of TikTok and Instagram are hoping to make sense of the brutal conflict in real time, but Obama said he wants to see people “talking to people out there.”

“Include people who don’t agree with you. If you really want to change this…you have to figure out how to talk to people who are on the other side,” he said. Obama.

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