What the townspeople of Los Girasols and Los Peralejos are asking of President Abinader


During his activities yesterday, President Luis Abinador stopped in Los Girasols and Los Peralejos, where he began renovation work in the valleys in those sectors, and the residents of both places came to ask the President about the work they understood. There is a shortage in neighborhoods and neighborhoods.

The first demand is for the construction of a children’s shelter to allow parents to leave their children while they go to their respective jobs.

“I think we should have a government children’s home because many of us have small children and we don’t know how to pay for the services of someone to take care of them, we have to live supported and supported; So I understand that the children’s stay will benefit us a lot,” exclaimed Jose Manuel Garcia, who was outside the venue with his tent as he tried to get inside.

President of the Union of Neighborhood Councils of Los Girasols II Mr. Francisco Miguel even had words during the act.

“Although we are doing well and will continue to do well, we want to use this opportunity to express to our President that we understand that we can improve; we cannot let our communities, especially the student community, be one of the most critical situations we face because even though we have four public schools, the private sector “Not to mention, we currently have 2,000 children. Public schools…With the surplus in our community, these centers are not enough, for which we asked for a school building in the third basement area of ​​Los Girasols,” said Miguel.

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The community member added that they are still waiting for the definitive title of several pieces of land in the sector, already approved by decree during the administration of former President Hipolito Mejia, but not yet granted.

He also exposed the lack of recreational facilities for the youth living there, for which he demanded the construction of a multi-purpose roof to help fight crime.

The President’s response

Abinader took a minute to deliver key wording of the legislation, noting that work is already underway to issue 1,246 definitive certificates of title “in the next few days” in response to requests from the neighborhood council president.

He directed the Sports Ministry and the Neighborhood Development Authority to initiate “processes” for the construction of the indoor stadium, which will be allocated funds from the Presidency.

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