A woman creates an ingenious earthquake warning system in her home with maracas

A woman creates an ingenious earthquake warning system in her home with maracas. Photo: Video capture TikTok via @cantor_m

On August 17, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake was recorded in Bogotá, Colombia, followed by 20 aftershocks, the strongest at 5.6, according to the Colombian Geological Service. This has created fear and anguish for some, an example of which is a woman who has an earthquake alarm in her home.

Although the agency points out that Colombia is a seismically active country, with 2,500 tremors recorded per month, the country does not have a warning system like other countries such as Mexico, Japan, Romania and China.

Hence, the user’s mother TikTok @cantor_m sets up a clever system to detect tremors in his home. In the post, the young woman notes: “Your mother is paranoid about the tremors in Bogotá.”

And she pointed out in the description: “My mother hangs wooden pegs all over the house so they warn her if she’s shaking”, and in the pictures the lady can actually be seen tying the two pegs together with a thread and then hanging them up. A lamp.

The publication generated comments such as “Your mother is so creative and intelligent, how wonderful to have a mother like that”, “She provided the atmosphere”, and “All of us from Bogotá found the anti-earthquake sound at home”. “, “That mom is a super creative genius”.

A woman lost her life

Although no major material damage was reported due to the earthquake and its aftershocks, a woman from Madalena neighborhood died while trying to get out of her apartment. The deceased, identified as 26-year-old Maria Liz Moreno, was home alone, according to a local newspaper. TimeSuffers a panic attack.

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On the other hand, medium Blue radio The Colombian Geological Service recommended that citizens activate an Android phone service called Alerts of Seismos, explaining: “Google’s service does not predict earthquakes, but rather generates early warnings based on simultaneous movement registrations on multiple mobile devices. People can receive warnings seconds in advance.

To do so, you need to open the phone’s settings, enter security and emergency, then enter earthquake alerts and activate the option there.

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