Fernando Ortiz asks to be told the truth about Alejandro Zendejas with the Mexican national team

The coach reiterated his support for Zendejas and highlighted his performance against Tigres with goals and assists.

Technician America, Ferdinand OrtizAgain he showed his support Alexander ZendejasHe has been at the center of the controversy he has experienced with the Mexican team all week and the merits he has received from national coach Gerardo Martino.

Artis Thank you for hugging him Zendejas After scoring his goal against Tigres, he pointed out that it was a sign of the faith he has in his team and that he loves it. Zendejas He could clarify his situation with the tricolor because he regretted saying things that were not true.

“That much Ale (Zentejas) Other than that, I have that bond that we’ve developed with everyone. I am always treated equally. The thing about Ale in particular, he had some tough days, I spoke to him and he was focused on the game”, he announced.

In the same vein, he added, “When a player shows that kind of affection to a coach, it means he believes in what he’s doing in a week. I hope he is happy, the situation and some things are clarified because many things are said not to be. He said, “I am truly sorry for you.”

“There are always moments to grow and you always have to train and show when we need to be most effective. We are good, I’m not going to deny that, but we have a final on Tuesday and I look at it like that, we have to keep playing,” he added. .

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The coach also mentioned Brian Rodriguez, who did not make his debut tonight, despite coming off the bench and being available for the match.

“I told him the truth, I told Brian (Rodriguez) how we work, he sees it, he understands it, and he has to know that tomorrow he has to work to get playing opportunities. If he can convince me, he will be. I In front, I say things in the eyes, the message is clear, consistent and correct, then it is about the players”, he said.

In the same way, Artis Talking about the responsibility of the team to win the crown, he also pointed out that the team does not shy away from the word “champion”.

“We have never avoided the word champion, we have always said it. The need in this club is to be a champion and today we are the general leader, which gives us the opportunity to finish on top of the competition. There is no need to fear that word in this organization, we want to be champions,” he said. said.

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