“Science Narrative Look from the Press” A collection of 10 scientific reports

Toluca, Edomix, September 4, 2022. – The importance, relevance and need of science journalism to honestly explain, publish and report facts affecting humanity in the face of events such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, global warming, drought, among others, journalists and book compilers agreed, agreed Narrating the Flag: A Look from the Press,” Carlos Hernandez Zarza and Ginnarelli Valencia Alcantara, during the State of Mexico International Book Fair (film) 2022.

The work was presented in the FILEM Forum “Horacio Zúñiga”, published in 2019 and edited by the Autonomous University of Mexico (UAEMéx), which is a collection of 10 award-winning scientific reports, at the state and federal levels. The level, prepared by five journalists from the Criterion newscast for UniRadio 99.7 FM, this university’s radio station.

Valencia Alcantara emphasized that the combined reports have three variables in common as a defining characteristic: journalistic accuracy, usefulness of the information to society and the human factor, all with the aim of generating reflection and giving the elements to the audience so that they can take it better. decisions.

The Director General of University Communication at UAEMéx also noted that the 10 reports were awarded because they respond to the investigative methodology and discipline followed by the Criterio Newsletter journalists.

In this sense, Hernández Zarza shared that through his experience and perspective, scientific journalism is an opportunity and a tool to explain reality and present scientific findings in a way that is accessible to the public, always ensuring verified information.

The director of communication at UAEMéx and host of the Criterio newscast added that science journalism finds an ideal and obligatory space in public radio, such as UniRadio, because it performs a social function.

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Meanwhile, director of FM UniRadio 99.7, Jacqueline Valderrapano, author of two combined reports, shared that science journalism has allowed her to develop as a journalist by having greater rigor to inform, comparing information sources, and striving to tell the science of the plain. And an accessible way to the masses.

On her occasion, Criterio 99.7 FM reporter and author of one of the consolidated reports, Daniela Sandoval Alamo, said that science journalism is a job that requires specialization and professionalism on the part of journalists who practice it with a purpose to have more tools that allow them to understand a phenomenon and explain it, in turn, easily to the population .

Following the presentation of the book, Maria de las Mercedes Portela Luga, Secretary of Cultural Publication for the United Arab Emirates, honored the exhibitors for their participation in FILEM 2022.

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