Fluminense defeated Boca to be crowned CONMEBOL Libertadores

ESPN.comNovember 4, 2023, 7:04 PM ETReading: 3 min.

Fluorescence They beat Boca 2-1 in the final of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup, winning the title for the first time in their history.

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In an even match, with no one clearly dominating, Dinis’ side won with goals from Kano and Kennedy.

The first phase saw a very determined Fluminense, who looked to dominate through possession and the quality of their stars. Boca did not stand up in the first 15 minutes, with Brazil’s midfielders pulling the strings The goal came after a nice link up the left wing and German Cano, the elusive scorer, converted to make it 1-0.

The second half was played with another intensity. Fluminense took advantage and tried to manage time, although not without danger to Ciquito Romero, due to Boca’s impatience in the seventh missing.

Xeneize started to grow in the party. After 60 minutes, Flução pulled back and, just as Boca had done in the first leg, John Arias’ pace tried to hurt them on a counter-attack.

As the Brazilian team began to feel more comfortable and Almiron’s team found they couldn’t find a way to hurt, Peruvian Luis Advincula showed again that he is a player in important games.

In 72, The right-back again used his left foot to score a superb goal from outside the area that beat Fabio, who could do nothing to stop the defender from scoring.. The goal was the fourth goal for the national team player, who scored all of them with his ‘inefficient’ foot.

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The extra score made Xeneize grow, and with the help of Equi Fernandez, who took possession of the midfield, they looked for an agonizing goal that didn’t come in either goal. The 90 minutes ended in a draw, with neither goalkeeper standing out and the friction continuing, with Roldan’s good referee getting involved.

Already in the extra 30 minutes, Fluminense regained an advantage A great goal by Kennedy, He replied in shock. However, in his celebration he left the field: he went to celebrate in the stands with his people, and the referee showed him a double yellow to leave his team with ten men.

Fortunately for those in diniz, Frank Fabra did something childish when he punched a Flusao footballer in the face and saw a straight red card, which led to a VAR review..

Boca went all out to find the goal but it didn’t come. He flooded the area with crosses but the Brazilian defensive wall was too much, they took everything and extinguished those attempts.

The final whistle came, Fluminense celebrated and were crowned champions for the first time in its CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup history.

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