Immigrants to Nicole: This is how the crisis gets stuck in Urabபே – Medelln – Colombia.

Last Monday, Bear Necoclí Lines of immigrants looking for tickets to leave the municipality were exploding உராபே Antioqueño goes Kaburgan They spanned four volumes.

“That’s the day they were going to sell, that’s why there was a riot. After the video went viral, every day they were selling tickets and loading boats,” said Cuban Felipe, who has been trying to leave the municipality since Monday.

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He was able to buy his ticket this Thursday and, as planned, he is traveling to Kaburgan today (Friday) Collided, Then enter the most dangerous path to reach the border of Panama: Darian Forest.

There are about 10,000 immigrants like this one in Cuba – according to figures from the mayor’s office
Local – wanting to reach Panama, then, cross Central America and finally, reach the United States.

There are people from Haiti, Asia Y AfricaWho arrived a few days ago in the municipality of Antioch, which is a mandatory step on their way, but they are unable to leave due to lack of boats to go.

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As they denounce at Necoclí, there is only one company that provides this service and this happens because they have no way to meet the demand.

The ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, went to the Nekokle dockyard to check the conditions of the immigrants.


Jeever Nieto. CEET

Time passes and money is scarce. Unlike Mayor George Doben, who said the currency already handled in the municipality is the dollar, there are at least four informal currency exchanges in the dockyard. They buy for an average of $ 3,600.

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In addition, the first boats from yesterday continued to sail to Sochi.
However, there is concern, because even though immigrants are already leaving, more and more are coming.

Local and national officials are on high alert, though this situation has already occurred and is not of this magnitude.

A general disaster has already been declared, as a municipality with a population of about 22,000 in the city is unable to accommodate 10,000 foreigners.

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“We fear a health emergency, public services, waterways and sewers have collapsed, the health system, no food supply. You go to the supermarket, you no longer have food,” the local mayor warned this week.

Among other things, it is feared that Kovit-19 will explode as minimum life-saving conditions such as the use of a mask are not respected.

Defender’s visit

Yesterday afternoon, Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, Nekokle came to the dock to see first hand the condition of the foreigners.

The officer’s visit came seven days after the mayor’s office became aware of the concern.

The company’s records include 15,000 immigrants, which differs from the local mayor’s office, and says there are about 8,000, even with relocation.
But yesterday, July 26, the situation was not the same as when the alarms sounded.

The influx of people began at 8:30 a.m., and by noon, 8 of the 12 ships organized by the Caribbean SAS, the only vessel authorized for this transaction, had already sailed.

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Still, many more waited to leave and continue on their way to Darian.

The officer spoke with some of them, who told them not only about the difficulties in Negombo, but also about what they had experienced since they came to the country.

“Some immigrants condemn the Mafia, they sell ‘tourism packages’, they charge a fee of over $ 300 to travel from Ebiales, and they approach because they have to continue their traffic north of the continent.”

(Background: Illegal traffic of immigrants grows in the Gulf of Urabe and Morocco)

The official noted that in his opinion, this is a problem beyond the continent, so both the problem and the search for solutions should be a task between many actors.

Some immigrants condemn the mafia, which sells ‘travel packages’ that cost up to $ 300 to travel from Ebiales and cross borders

“I have called on my colleagues in various countries through the Impero-American Federation of Ombudsmen so that we can express the collective action that will enable us to deal with this emergency,” the Guardian added.
President Evan Duke, in a virtual speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, assured that a regional response was needed to prevent this situation from recurring.

“We have to put more restrictions, we can cooperate with Panama and other countries, but people who access this border do not stay there, they want to continue north,” Duke said. Efe.

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There does not seem to be a quick solution to this crisis because even as the boats leave, more foreigners are coming, so the number is expected to increase in the coming days. Local officials talked about 30,000.

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In this context, the call to the municipal national government is to establish an action plan to prevent the dam from continuing. In addition, there is concern that illegal groups may abuse those who dream of a better life.

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