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The weightlifter presented the new medal of silver at the Ecuadorian Olympics and the country took to the podium every day.

Swollen eyes from the cries of fameTamara Salazar reached the silver medal in the 87kg weightlifting stage at the Tokyo 2020 Games on Monday. And cyclist Richard Carbas, on July 24th.

Salazar, from Corchi, A total of 263 kilograms, Seven less than the Chinese champion Xue Wang and seven less than the Dominican Chrismary Santana, the owner of the bronze.

The Ecuadorian, who failed in any attempt, scored 113 kg in the snatch (Snatch), The movement in which she was third in thirteen competitors. Clean and nonsensical (Clean and goofy), 150 kg of displaced Santana.

By knowing a part of the stage, even if it no longer peaks, The 23-year-old tricolor screamed, knelt down and her excitement was uncontrollable. Such are the tears and dedication to heaven.

At one time at the awards ceremony, Salazar brought his right leg up, clapped his hands and pointed back at the sky. The cry was still inevitable for the weightlifter who had received the silver medal from the organization, kissed it, lifted it and hung it on her.

While catching the medalist’s bouquet, Corcense got the wrong piece and she got something related to the winner.. Seconds later he turned it over and picked up the right one from the plate.

After the Chinese anthem sounded, Chou Joo Wang invited Salazar and Santana to come upstairs with him. Ecuador, with the silver medal in his right hand and talking to the Dominican, hugged him.

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This is Tamara Salazar’s award for the 87kg weightlifting of Tokyo 2020:

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