Ilix 2 Juicy rejects offers and stays at the bar …

Ilex Moriba has reached the first team FC Barcelona To stay. The youth team is a big challenge Ronald Common Has played in four games in 2021 and so far this year. Little by little, the midfielder finds a place in the Dutchman’s spin, who sees the perfect hybrid between physical strength and quality on the ball.

The Barcelona coach’s confidence in Conakry’s coach is higher than expected, and gave him a replacement in the most important match ever played this season. The midfielder played against Sevilla in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final last Wednesday and contributed to the return of Barcia. He brought muscle, aggressive pressure and agility to the Catalan midfield, It is important in success.

His performance and the energy he has always had and he has consistently observed two of the best teams in Europe. According to Mundo Deportivo, Manchester United and Leipzig have heard of him and want to pick him up this summer.. Both would have contacted their representatives and they would have offered a thirsty economic concession. However, it seems that the British and Germans are going to let go of desire.

The footballer has no plans to move, and his dream and goal is to succeed as a bluegrass. However, his contract status is precarious because his contract expires in 2022 and he has not yet been renewed. This means the club must place the batteries as soon as possible, which will do the ‘sport’ step when a new order arrives. Like that, Parsia will provide an interesting treatment for the guinea pig and make him the first team card Next season.

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Despite being only 18 years old, like Anshu Pathi and Petrie, Moriba has always been one step ahead of his peers since childhood. Now he wants to be on the youth team, but he has been playing for the subsidiary since last year. Now, with Koman’s decision, he’s one more on the first team at the stock level, all indicating that he will be officially with his new contract in the near future.

Illix was due to leave Persia in 2019

Remember that The youth team was due to leave in 2019 as his relationship ended With Barcelona. Later, all the bigwigs in Europe cared about him, he was close to leaving, but eventually the club agreed to his renewal for three years. A deal has long been thought of as it is believed that being important with the elderly will end. For now, he has already shown that he can contribute a lot, but there is no doubt that he will increase in the passage of games.

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