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The Office of Immigration and Customs (ICE) said on Friday that it was reviewing deportation cases Joe Biden to adjust them to the new priorities set by the government.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ERO) Activities (ERO) announces the Registration Review (ICR) process for individuals who trust their case.

The announcement further states that the new process is being developed in line with “efforts to enhance the development of an orderly settlement system that treats people humanely while ensuring national security, border security and public security.”

During the Trump administration (January 2017 to January 2021) ICE directed operations under a strict list of deportation priorities From foreigners who committed serious crimes to undocumented presence in the country, even Obama became an innocent civilian.

How will they do it

The new ICR process provides a new channel through which non-citizens (a term used by the government to refer to foreigners who have no legal presence or undocumented presence in the country) and their representatives (attorneys) may request that ICE use its practical wisdom on behalf of an individual citizen, and Resolving questions and concerns in the interests of law, policy and justice. ”

“ICE is dedicated to providing a wide range of communications for non-citizens or their representatives to discuss personal cases,” said Day D., executive director of the company. Johnson said. Citizens and their representatives request further review of personal facts and circumstances. In light of ICE’s priorities for the death penalty, detention and deportation, their case provides additional transparency in the immigration process, “he said.

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The agency added: “Individuals seeking to reconsider a detention case should contact their local Euro office for initial review. Upon request, the cases will be further reviewed by a senior review officer who, when appropriate, will inform the applicant of the final decision.

“The cases of persons detained by the ICE or awaiting immediate deportation will be given priority,” he said.

Why not everything

The announcement was made with caution by activists defending the rights of immigrants and the lawyers who represent them.

“This is a good start, but they are not going to reconsider every case, but only what the victims and their lawyers have asked for,” said Matt Adams, legal director of the Northwest Immigration Rights Program. NWIRP-) in Seattle (Washington).

“I am concerned that those cases will not be reviewed because immigrants do not have the opportunity or resources to have a lawyer to represent them,” he added.

Adams added, “They (the government) need to make it clear that they are really going to reconsider the cases, but not all the files were requested by a lawyer.”

For Jaime Barron, a lawyer trained in Dallas (Texas), this announcement does me a good thing because the ICE will remove the accused from the list of deportable files where they are not a priority.

“This will allow immigrants to stay in the country temporarily through deportation. But it is important that the non-citizen does not contact the ICE because if he does so without a lawyer and is ordered deported, they will catch him and deport him.”

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Deportation priorities

The move also banned so-called sanctuary jurisdictions and created strict new deportation priorities, placing 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country at the shortcuts of the Office of Immigration and Customs (ICE).

Trump, for his part, set the following priorities five days after arriving at the White House on January 25, 2017.
Its ‘Zero Tolerance’ is the framework of immigration policy.

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