If you don’t make these changes, Google will delete your images

Google is known for its wide range of services and every time it makes changes to it, it creates a lot of buzz. However, one of their products, The Google Albums archive is disappearing.

Google Albums Archive is a web collection that lets you view and manage photos and videos stored on the company’s services. Unfortunately, this tool will not be available from July 19, which means all content stored on it will be lost.

“Album archive-only content will be removed from July 19, 2023,” reads a statement posted on the Google Help Center.

If you want to prevent your photos from getting lost, here’s how.

So you can save your Google Photos

It is important to point that out This change has no effect Another similar service Google Photos. Removing content only affects images and videos in the company’s album archive. If you are in doubt as to whether your data is at risk Disappear, you can See the link get.google.com.

If you want to backup your memories, There will only be a backup. To do this, you need to access the website Google Takeout. This service allows you to download or export a copy of your data stored in different Google services.

When you’re inside On Google Takeout, look for an icon called “Album Archive”. And check the corresponding blue box. Make sure it is the only box checked.

Then click the tell button “The Next Step”. You will see several options like getting a link to backup your files Download or save them to Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box. You can choose the link option, but note that you only have a week to download the files.

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The platform gives you the option to choose the frequency, file type and size. However, you can stick to the recommended settings, i.e. select “Export once” as the frequency, “.zip” as the file type, and 2GB as the size..

Finally, click “Generate Export” and you’re done. In a few minutes, you will receive an email with a link to your files.

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