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Don Francisco became a trend in social networks, but not because of his participation as an entertainer or because of the show ‘Sábado Gigante’.

82-year-old Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld appeared in a video working for Uber, and comments on his financial status were not forthcoming.

The famous Chilean TV show host said that he now drives a rental car, which is why many speculated that the famous host of “Sábado Gigante” has financial problems.

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Although Don Francisco is still active on television, working on CNN’s ‘Don Francisco: Reflections’ since 2021, he has started to leave some projects due to advancing age.

A few months ago, after 44 years, Teletone announced it was withdrawing from Chile’s broadcasting. “I think the time has come to step aside, it seems to me responsible and necessary. I’m not going to lead the campaign, but I will always be there as long as my strength allows me,” he said.

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Video of Don Francisco working at Uber

But for the peace of mind of his followers, the video was a joke by announcer Alberto Sardinas.

“I asked for Uber, and I know your face, Mr. Driver,” the video began, and it focused on Don Francisco, the host driving the car through the streets of Miami, continuing the game.

“I’m doing Uber from today, I just started today, this is my third trip”

The iconic TV host pointed out.

At another point in the video, Alberto Sardinas asks Don Francisco how he feels about his new job, and he replies that it’s great, and brags about his good driving as he makes his journey in half the time he thought it would take.

Mario Kreutzberger, Don Francisco, in a photo taken in 2021. Photo: CNN

“It took us 17 minutes to arrive, usually this trip lasts 45 minutes, of course I arrived 90 miles away, but it doesn’t matter, I’m paying the ticket,” Don Francisco said.

In the end, Alberto Sardinas promised to give his driver a nice tip, and he made it clear in the description of his video that it was a joke. However, if Don Francisco dedicates himself to working as a utility taxi driver, he promises that he will be “the most entertaining Uber in Miami.”


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