The Senate approves a law giving control of airspace to the Mexican military

Mexico City, Feb. 22 (EFE). – The Senate on Wednesday approved the creation of a new legal instrument, the Mexican Aerospace Protection Act, which states that Mexico’s Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) will be in charge of coordinating the monitoring and protection of the country’s airspace.

The approval was supported by 62 votes in favor and 43 against, and was approved in general and in particular.

Now, the law will be sent to the federal executive branch for its entry into force.

The law indicates that Sedena will coordinate the participation of the authorities so as to help monitor and protect Mexican airspace, in an area that competes with national security.

It is also mentioned that the National Center for Control and Protection of Airspace will act in accordance with its powers when observing any of the aforementioned flight maneuvers, such as: not activating or turning off your transponder code during flight, and changing course without an apparent appearance. The reason for not making contact with air traffic control services provided by the aviation authority or the centre.

In addition, for lack of flight plan information, recording irregular changes in speed, altitude, or trajectory, performing unusual maneuvers, flying over a restricted, dangerous, dangerous, control and protection area in Mexican airspace and air defense identification , and when the plane is in an emergency.

In addition, the Mexican Airspace Control and Protection System was created, which includes coordination between the agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration that compose it “to prevent and combat illegal air operations that threaten national security.”

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This system will be integrated by Sedena, which will coordinate; the Mexican Air Force Command and the National Airspace Protection and Control Center Command; The General Secretariat of the Navy, through the Directorate of Command and Control Center of the Mexican Navy.

Labor (PT) Senator Giovanna Banuelos said that the Mexican Airspace Protection Act “captures absolutely nothing” and, on the contrary, “provides certainty by regulating the powers of the federal government over national airspace…”.

In addition, it provides legal support to the participation of the Ministry of National Defense, through the Mexican Air Force to provide security in the country’s airspace.

The coordinator of the PT parliamentary group stressed that the lack of effective organization to guarantee the sovereignty and security of the national airspace “constitutes a serious danger to Mexico.”

He emphasized that with this new law a legal vacuum is being rectified and conditions are being created to adequately protect Mexican airspace, as part of the national territory.

“This law created the National Airspace Control Council, a coordination mechanism between institutions to take advantage of the civil and military capabilities and resources that the Mexican state already possesses,” he noted.

He pointed out that airspace security is essential to ensuring national security, since from December 2018 to November 2021 Sedena recorded 720 air alerts, due to unauthorized or secret flights.

The reform was approved amid growing criticism of the militarization policies of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has handed over control of the National Guard, such works as the Maya train and airports, and port control to the armed forces and customs, as a step forward. Airline.

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