“I don't believe in extremes, they divide”

Leipzig (Germany).- The forward of the French team, Kylian Mbappé, showed his rejection of extreme politics this Sunday to mark Marine Le Pen's party (National Rally) and asked his comrades to vote in the next election legislative proceedings. Prevents the far right from ruling.

“We are at an important moment for our country. The Eurocup is important in our lives, but we are citizens and we are not disconnected from what is happening in our own country. “We are in an unprecedented situation and at an important moment,” he highlighted.

“We are the generation that can make history. We know that extremes are at the doors of our power. I invite everyone to be aware of the situation and vote. We need to identify with our respected values. “I hope we make the right decision,” he said.

Mbappe He gave his most determined and political appearance in front of the media, and he wanted to send a message, especially to the younger population of France: “Young people don't vote. Your voice changes things. I want to be proud to defend the country that represents my values. It's more important than tomorrow's game, because the situation in the country is different. “I believe in the values ​​of inclusion, tolerance and respect,” he noted.

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His teammate Marcus Durham took a similar tack earlier. Mbappé defended his teammate, saying he shares his values ​​while clarifying that “he didn't go too far” with his statements. “It's freedom of expression and I associate myself with that.”

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Asked if there was a common effort in the French team on the issue of the election, he pointed out that they spoke among themselves to send a message and protect the youth: “There is no one who is worried about the situation, but because it is not easy to sit here and talk about these problems, it is normal that the youth cost more. There are people here who don't speak in front of everyone, it's so complicated, it's something they don't know. There are others who feel comfortable talking about it. Its purpose is to protect all players and the team. We will do something soon,” he revealed.

“Mbappé is against extremes. I think there are people who don't know what's going on. I'm trying to speak for my generation. The situation is now that I have to be proud when I wear this shirt. There's no need to hide. They say politics and sports shouldn't be mixed. The country is in a critical situation, I'm against separatism, ” he added.

The Real Madrid player also spoke about other topics. One of them is its presence at the next Olympic Games in Paris.

Mbappé said that he probably won't take part in them: “I spoke with the coach and he told me that this time I can play in many positions and it's not a problem. It doesn't matter where I play because I'm ready to adapt. In terms of games, the position of my club is very “Obviously, I understand I won't be there. I'm new. I hope we win games,” he said.

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On whether Spain were among the favorites to win the Euro Cup, he declared that “they are a great team who will go far”, although he opined that not so much as he wanted France to win. “But I wish them the best,” he concluded.

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